2017, Toronto, Canada

Birds Eye View is a two-stage concept which embodies the theme of catalyst through a designed ability to transform.


Birds Eye View is initially a shelter and experience for people,c omprising modular units of bird nesting boxes. Holes in the boxes invite visitors to peep-in, while from inside, these perforations offer hundreds of unique ‘glimpses’ of Toronto’s waterfront.


Sitting atop the lifeguard stand, visitors may lookout over the shelter and survey the surroundings, like birds in a nest. This intervention serves as an educational catalyst, alerting visitors to the importance of habitat creation and encouraging them to become agents for positive change.


The shelter will be dismantled into hundreds of individual nest boxes for distribution throughout the Toronto area, in sync with the commencement of the nesting season. This will serve as an ecological catalyst, providing habitat to support the recovery of threatened species and bird life generally

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